I know Halloween was a couple days ago but I figured I wanted to share our adorable costumes for Keigans second Halloween. 

Keigan was cute little puppy! We borrowed this from one of Brandon’s friends moms for Keigan to wear its about 20 years old, so sweet!  Side note can we all just acknowledge the fact that babay Halloween costumes cost just as much as adult! Like what? 

I was a “woodland” deer. I actually love how my makeup and hair came out.

I don’t have any pictures of Brandon alone but he last minute decided to throw on one of his hard hats from work. So he was a constitution worker which really just means he was himself!

I was determined that Keigan would walk all of the houses on his own. That being said we live in a small town on a one way street so we didn’t have that many options super accessible to us. Keigan walked most of the way by himself with his pumpkin bucket in hand. The houses on the main road were far and few between so Brandon carried Keigan and I carried tre bucket from house to house but Keigan would walk up the steps by himself. I was so proud of how big of a boy he was! He did so good walking up to the houses he was a bit confused by taking them out of the bowl and putting the candy into his basket. 


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