Stocking Stuffers for the 1-2 Year old in your Life

I’m the type to person who plans out every single persons gift months in advance. Hubby and me already have two layways for Keigan one at Burlington Coat Factory for clothes and another at Walmart for Radio Flyer 4 in 1 trike. Hubby wanted to get him the bike but to be honest I don’t think he is nearly coordinated enough to ride a bike on his own even though the age starts at 1.5 years. So that being said he will be just about 18 months on Christmas and I don’t even know if he will even understand it yet so that will probably be the extent of his gifts from us.

So that leaves us with stocking stuffers. Growing up I always remember getting candy and cute little girly things like lotion or headbands so it really threw me through a loop figuring out what to fill Keigans with. So I compiled a list of different things to get your little ones this holiday season!

1. Matchbox Cars

2. Crayons and coloring books

3. Baby lotion

4. Baby soap

5. New toothbrush and tooth paste

6. Headbands and bows for baby 

7. Sippy cups

8. Winter hat

9. Bubbles 

10. Play doh

What else are you planning on putting in your toddlers stocking and what have veteran moms done in the past? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!


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